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The cxcli tool has various commands that allow you to interact with Google Cloud's Speech to Text service using the Cloud Speech-to-text API!

Is this your first time using this feature?

Before you start using this functionality, please, read the authentication page.


You can find the speech-to-text functionality within the cxcli stt subcommand. You can read the documentation about this command here.

The cxcli stt command has a recognize subcommand. You can find the usage of this command here.


These are the relevant parameters that you can use to interact with Google Cloud STT:

  1. locale: this parameter accepts all of the locales that are available in the Google Cloud Speech-to-text API. You can find all the locales available here.

Audio input file

It is important to know that the input audio needs to be in the following format:

  1. A sample rate of 16000 Hertz
  2. The audio encoding has to be Linear16. Linear16 is a 16-bit linear pulse-code modulation (PCM) encoding.

If you don't have a file with this format, you can create it by yourself using the cxcli tts command! All of the relevant information is located here.


Here is a simple example of the cxcli stt recognize command:

cxcli stt recognize hi.mp3  --locale en-US

The above command will give you output similar to the following:

$ cxcli stt recognize hi.mp3 --locale en-US --verbose
INFO Duration time: 570 miliseconds
INFO Detections: 1
INFO 1. Text detected: hi
INFO 1. Confidence: 79.276474%

Are you running this command in a CI/CD pipeline?

If this is the case, we recommend that you set the --output-format parameter to json.